Forex Fury Review: #1 EA Download

Today I want to introduce you to a Forex trading robot that is a 100% must download, Forex Fury. This software is the perfect complement for any Forex trader that utilizes the meta-trader 4 platform and is looking to gain some additional pips. With a long track record of success, countless user reviews and verified trading results, there is no going wrong with this impeccable tool.

In my 2022 updated Forex Fury review, I go through everything you need to know about this robot and what it has to offer!

The product is owned and operated by RYPAX INC. You can email support to learn more about the product at support @, or by going to their website and clicking on the contact page tab at the top right of your screen. The support team generally answers emails within a couple of hours which is extremely rare in this marketplace, but I appreciate it.

Setting Forex Fury Apart From Other Robots

My personal experiences with the Forex fury robot are outstanding. I’ve been using the robot since 2015, and during this period of time I’ve been able to compound my earnings and cash out many times. Since my purchase, I’ve made back the purchase price over 100 times, and that’s no joke. To be more specific, after my initial purchase, I ran the software on a demo account for 2 weeks and then switch to live for 4 weeks. During that 4 weeks, I was able to double a $1000 trading account to $2000 using some aggressive settings packages.

There isn’t another EA in this market that would be able to double or triple an account in as little time as Forex fury can. The reason why it is so successful, is because of its specific time-based strategy. Fury utilizes a scalping methodology which enables it to pick up pips one hour a day when the market is more likely to be ranging. Frequently, you can see fury when 7 to 10 trades in the matter of minutes picking up 50 pips because it is constantly capitalizing on the small market movements during ranging conditions.

This trade logic isn’t used in other Forex robots, but it should be. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have the Forex robot sitting on the shelf that you haven’t used in years that could actually bring you profit if you used it at the right time of day. Luckily, the developers of this EA have done that research and have made sure that the software only trades in a. That is low risk and high reward.

Built-In Trading Features

One of the main aspects of the Forex Fury software that I appreciate the most, is its compatibility. With that being said, let’s go over some of the features.


  • Compatible with NFA, FIFO and MT4 Build 600+
  • Run It With Any MT4 Broker
  • Free Proven Settings
  • ECN Support
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Multiple Trading Filters
  • 5 Minute Installation
  • Real Trading Results


This is a shortened list that could be much longer, but I don’t want to just spout off information that you already know. One of the most important aspects here is the 24/7 support. I’m sure if you’ve ever traded in this market and tried to contact a Forex robot support team you’ve been very disappointed in your experience. So, I challenge you to email Forex fury after reading this review and see what type of response you get before even signing up. You will be happily surprised by the result, I can guarantee that.


The next most important element, is the trading results but that’s obvious.


Trading Results That Matter

In this Forex Fury review, I have to point out the transparent nature of the development team gives me a lot of confidence. They are willing to upload their accounts to my FX book and show the world exactly how their software trades on a daily basis.


My favorite account is this one, which has been running for over 8 months and has yet to lose a single trade.

This account is in line with the results that I’ve had, and it shows exactly how a specific time-based strategy can have such a powerful impact. Instead of fighting against the market, this EA uses knowledge of the market to the advantage of every client.


What Are People Saying?

If all the features and the results aren’t enough to prove how reliable this software is, then you don’t have to look any further than the customer reviews. Forex Fury has done nothing but stockpile positive user reviews on Forex peace Army and Forex robot nation ever since its release just under 6 years ago.


The common thread with all of the reviews, is that traders are extremely happy that the system performs in line with the trading results that can be found on the home page.


This is rare, and another reason why the robot sets itself apart from so many others.



  • Is Forex Fury Worth it? Yes, absolutely. Forex Fury is a proven automated trading robot that serves over 8600 members. It’s rated 4.5/5 stars on SiteJabber, and 4.4/5 stars on Trustpilot. The EA has been on the market since 2015, and continues to improve every year.
  • What is the best Forex robot? In my opinion, Forex Fury is currently the Best Forex Robot on the market. It has proven trading results, and the creators are willing to trade the system on live trading accounts because they believe in the product.
  • Is Forex Fury Easy to install? Yes, the members area comes complete with videos, guides, settings, and rules for best performance. The support staff will also help you with any issues you may have and they are available 24/7 via email.
  • Is Forex Fury a Scam? NO! This is a trading software. The vendors do not make any guarantees of future profits, and they verify all of their own trading results. This does not mean that every client that uses Forex Fury is going to be profitable, but there is nothing illegal, or shady being done with this product.



Forex Fury deserves the 5 star review that I’m giving it today. This strategy and unique methodology is exactly what the Forex market needs. My hope is that other robot developers sees exactly what the developers of this system have done, and utilize the same sort of streamlined process that is being used here today.


For more information on Fury, check out the official Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. There’s also a few impressive blogs dedicated to this service as well, WordPress, Weebly, Blogspot. There are all good sources.


Thank you for reading the review, and feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.

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