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We have separated our FAQ into two types of questions. There are the General questions, and then there are the Support questions.


General questions are basically sales / entry level questions and Support are pretty self explanatory.


The most common issues come from client typos in the authentication process.


Go to the category that you want answers for, either General or Support.


Once at the category, just click on the + symbol to open up the answer that you would like to read.


If none of this works for you, feel free to email us. We are always available to help, and more than happy to do so.

General Questions

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Support Questions

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This means you need to click on the Expert Advisors button: see images:

Category: Support Questions

This means that you have not authenticated or that you have not authenticated properly. In this step by step video it will show you how. Set to play from authentication page:

Category: Support Questions

Never trade during holidays. The EA can be shut down a few days before and then turned back on a day or two after, depending on user preference.

Also a good idea to avoid high impact news if possible.

Category: Support Questions

You should use what you are comfortable with. We have Money Management (MM) which when set to TRUE will allow you to select a risk percentage. If you are setting your own lot size try .10 and see if you are comfortable with that size, also demo different sizes to be safe.

Category: Support Questions

We cannot guarantee historical results. There are going to be differences from time to time based on spread, news intervention, broker differences, connection, latency, settings and more.

Category: Support Questions

These are generally random events. Trade frequency is usually steady but if the EA can’t find a safe entry based on our strategy and live data it won’t enter a trade.

Category: Support Questions

Our EA’s can’t be back tested because we utilize live data during and before trades to influence the strategy to be used. While most EA’s are static we update our system frequently to stay ahead of market conditions because we recognize that no EA out there can simply not evolve and be successful.

Category: Support Questions

The light version trades M5 and the normal version trades M30.

Category: Support Questions

First thing is to wait, look at our results. The EA can regularly go 24-48 hours without a trade depending on your setup.

If the light version is not trading there are a few things you can do. Make sure that the light version is on the M5 timeframe. Set ECN to TRUE (this often kick starts trading EVEN for NON ECN accounts).

If your account size is smaller than 1000 you may have to increase the Risk Percent with the light version or turn off money management and set your own lot size.

Set News Filter to FALSE.

You have to allow autotrading, click this button!

If it is still not trading after you have tried these two things you may want to consider trying one of our recommended brokers.

Category: Support Questions