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We have separated our FAQ into two types of questions. There are the General questions, and then there are the Support questions.


General questions are basically sales / entry level questions and Support are pretty self explanatory.


The most common issues come from client typos in the authentication process.


Go to the category that you want answers for, either General or Support.


Once at the category, just click on the + symbol to open up the answer that you would like to read.


If none of this works for you, feel free to email us. We are always available to help, and more than happy to do so.

General Questions

Get all your answers to General Questions here.

4 licenses in total. All of which can be reused and changed at any time.

We are based in a multitude of countries, with our developers spread all over the globe. We are truly virtual.

These EA’s are very different. They are both trend based but they use different time frames light(M5) normal(M30) and different live data based strategies to determine sharp entry points, trade lengths and trade frequency. They are both very functional and can be easily customized to a trader’s specific style. They can be used at the same time with the same broker but we find most our users like to separate them due to personal preference.

The EA can be optimized and adjusted to trade often but with most of our users preferred settings the EA has strict parameters which allow for 1-4 trades a day with the light version.

We may have this in the future, but at this point we do not and all our efforts are focused on making the system better.

No, this is a one time fee, there are no upsells or membership fees and you receive all updates free.

The systems will trade automatically, all you have to do is leave MT4 on. This means your computer needs to be on, if you can’t leave your computer on or prefer not to then I suggest you spend $20-30 a month and get a Forex VPS

Yes, you can use ECN or 5 digit brokers.

We suggest a minimum of $300-500.00.

You will get an email as soon as you buy which will give you a unique link that you can click on that will take you to create your membership then you can access the members area to access all the software and materials. THERE IS NO SEPARATE FEE, YOU GET ALL VERSIONS OF FOREX STEAM IN ONE PACKAGE FOR ONE PRICE, FOR LIFE.

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Support Questions

Get all your answers to Support Questions here.

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