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V10 Update (Now Available)

The long awaited release, Forex Steam V10 is now available. It's recommended that all current clients go to the members area and download it. This post will go over some of the different changes, and let you know how to install it properly.   V10 Installation Installation is quite...


Forex Steam Time Restricted Strategy

If you are a client of Forex Steam, or you've followed the progress of this EA from the sideline, you likely would have heard of a new way of using the robot and profiting. This is of course the time restricted approach, trading Steam from...


Scalping with Forex Fury in 2018

Scalping, is really a trading technique used to indicate the earnings out of small Forex positions, by going in and out from positions repeatedly each day. Scalping isn’t like day trading where the traders are use to opening a position and closing it back again throughout...