How Does it Work?

Forex Steam is an expert advisor built for the Metatrader 4 / 5 platform on the M5 timeframe. Our main goal is to provide a low risk system that provides long and short term gains. After installing you will quickly be up and running. Whether you would like to make adjustments to the settings is up to you, but we do recommend a testing phase when first starting out.


The expert advisor will allow you to profit immediately, but don’t get ahead of yourself. Learn how to utilize the power of our strategy efficiently, and you will have a trading program that you can rely on for years.


We are already at 10 years of service, and we expect to provide another 10 more!


Simply connect our robot to your platform, and it will start to trade on your behalf. We recommend signing up with us first, and trading demo while you look for a Forex broker. That way, you have a girth of experience with the software, and are ready to trade it with real money in short order.


There are hundreds of ways to use our software, and we actively update our blog with new strategies and methodologies for you to take advantage of. Join us, and grow with us.












Trading Results


As it should be with every developer, our #1 priority at Forex Steam is providing a tool that works, which makes results of the utmost importance. Whether you are using our software to trade our time restricted strategy on multiple pairs, or just running default settings on EURUSD, it’s our job to make sure that you win.


Peruse the results on the left hand side of the page to see what type of results you can expect from our software. Obviously, we cannot promise future results, but these historical results are updated often, and show the true potential of our strategies.


It’s also worth noting that there are two versions of Forex Steam, Light and Normal. Over the years, the Light version has proven to be the more profitable version by a mile, and it’s preferred by 99% of our clients. We still do offer the Normal version, but don’t recommend it to our new clients and only keep it around for a few original users that play a high risk game with it.

Our Settings (Light V10)
  • User o This function is where you have to put your authenticated forex steam light username.
  • Magic o This is the magic number you just have to change this if your are running on multiple charts.
  • Lots o If you are NOT using MM then you have to set your own lot size, you do it here.
  • MM o If you are not getting trades, your broker may not be reacting well to our money management function. Turn this off and set your Lots.
  • Risk o This works alongside MM (Money Management). If MM is set to TRUE then the EA will determine the risk percent according to the size of the account. You can set this.
  • Minlot/Maxlot o No use changing this. Nobody will be trading more than 50 lots or less than .01.
  • ECN o Always leave set to TRUE.
  • MaxTrades If you want more than one trade open at a time then you can change this feature.
  • TakeProfit o This will take profit at the pip amount set.
  • Retrace Exit o If this is set to true then the EA will use the pipsretrace value to determine whether to pull out of trades before they continue losing.
  • PipsRetrace o This works with retrace exit. If the EA determines the current trade is on a losing trend it will exit the trade at whatever this number is instead of hitting the stop loss. It is a fail safe feature.
  • PipsStick o Enables opportunity for later wins, bypassing the TP, is rarely ever used.
  • TradeOnMonday-Sunday o True or False, you can set certain days to false if you don’t want to trade them.
  • TradeStartHour/End Hour o You can set when you want the EA to trade each day. Used in our time restricted strategy.


We are always adding NEW features too, based on the contributions and requests of our clients!

Team Leaders
Paul Demonde

Paul Demonde

Our lead support member for over 6 years. Paul knows the Forex Steam program like the back of his hand.
Dmitri Kozlov

Dmitri Kozlov

Our current MQL4/MQL5 language expert, and coding team manager. The #1 sought after developer in the Forex market.
Julie Zhang

Julie Zhang

Marketing extraordinaire, Julie does everything to keep us relevant, and with a large budget for updates.
Allan Brisebois

Allan Brisebois

Another long-term member of our team, Allan is a cutting edge market analyst with a unique sense of humor.