New Forex Steam Strategies and Approaches

So, recently we have been seeing some erratic market conditions. With over a year of success with Forex Steam and providing a viable long term trading option for our users we have been taking a lot of advice from the very traders we cater to and came across one consistent critique.

Many of our users want to be able to test new strategies, settings, pairs and we want them to have this flexibility so thanks to one of our excellent users we have been experimenting with an EA/Indicator that allows just that.

This will give you the opportunity to utilize Steam to its maximum potential.

Here is step by step how to download and utilize this tool, the CaveManager:

  1. Download Here Click
  2. Double click to open the ZIP, take the THV CaveManager 1.41.ex4 and put it in your Metatrader Folder > experts
  3. Set up Steam Light as you normally would.
  4. Open a Second EURUSD chart, drag the THV CaveManager 1.41 as an EA (it will manage the trades Steam produces – there are many options and it gives us the opportunity to test new strategies with this system).
  5. Then you will want to change the SL and TP inside of Steam and make them higher because we will use the settings in CaveManager to Set SL’s and TP’s.
  6. We are currently testing different trailing TP and SL options.

Feel free to join us, it is very simple and the possibilities are endless. If you find a good formula then let us know and we will try it out, we currently have over 15 tests running new strategies.

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